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Designed for assisted living and long-term care centers, our remote pull-cord activator will enhance your existing in-house call system. 

The portable help-button will pull the cord for you.

  • Enhance existing safety systems.
  • Maintenance Free! No batteries to replace.
  • No wiring required.
  • No outside monitoring. Directly alerts your in-house response team.
  • Less expensive than outside monitoring services.
  • Improves resident safety.
  • Prolongs independent living.
  • Gives peace of mind to the staff and to residents and their families.

How many times has your loved one or someone in your care been stranded, perhaps overnight because the emergency pull-cord system was out of reach?

Residents rely on you for help in an emergency. But if you provide a pull-cord call system, the problem is the same. A serious fall or illness can put these devices out of reach!

Our waterproof help-button enables residents to call for help from any room in their apartment or in the surrounding hallway (up to 150 foot range). It sends a coded signal to a receiver, which activates the existing call system. This means the staff can respond immediately to emergency situations.