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Pioneer Medical Proudly Offers the MD.2

Monitored Medication Dispensing plus Emergency Response for no additional charge


Why choose the MD.2?

  • Organize medication regimens into one concise, easy  to control system. Caregivers can manage the system in person and/or over the Internet.

  • The system is monitored 24 hours a day by our professional medical monitoring center. If a scheduled dosage is missed, our team is immediately alerted and we go into action based on your predetermined criteria.

  • Avoid forgotten or missed medication dosages. This MD.2 holds up to 30-days worth of meds. It locks the meds inside, dispenses them at the right time, and then alerts the client with a pleasant voice.

  • Eliminate the risk of taking too much medication. Dosages are locked in the machine and only the caregiver or those approved by the caregiver have access.

  • Medication non-compliance is addressed immediately, before more serious problems have a chance to start.

  • Already have a Personal Emergency Response System? Cancel it! The MD.2 comes with one at no additional charge.

  • Ideal for families, home health providers, and other caregivers.

Click here to access the MD.2 Support Website.